We have just completed our review of Street37 and boy was it different.

Firstly this is an adult game that we recommend only over 18’s play, as it contains some “Scary” moments.

The game is pretty unique and highlights the skills of the developer in making something bespoke and interesting at the same time.

If you like a scary, spooky game experience, then Street37 is a must.

Check out the Trailer video of the Street37 game below:

Play the game here: https://dlcatalin.itch.io/street37

Here are some of the games images:

Here is an extract from the game developers overview of the game:

 Are you truly sane ? Is your mind truly your friend ?

Can you discern between truth and untruth ?

Sink deep into an adventure … inside the mind of a lunatic trapped inside an asylum. Try to escape and make sense of all this mess you found yourself in.

In this game you will receive close to zero hints or help. You need to find clues and figure out what objects in the environment and your inventory you can use to solve the puzzles and progress. Also be on the lookout for enemies that can and will kill you. This game is a journey, relax … read everything, try everything, see everything, think everything.

This game contains disturbing images and mild vulgar language, it also contains jump scares and scary scenes. I do not recommend persons under 18 play this game or people with heart conditions or mental illnesses. 





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