What makes a great Game Review

A great game review should provide readers with a clear understanding of the game and its various aspects. Here are some key elements that can make a game review effective:

Overview: Begin with a brief overview of the game, including its genre, setting, and general gameplay mechanics.

Storyline: If the game has a storyline, provide a summary of it without giving away any spoilers.

Gameplay: Discuss the mechanics of the game, including its controls, difficulty, and any unique features that set it apart from other games in its genre.

Graphics and sound: Assess the game's graphics and sound quality, commenting on whether they enhance the gaming experience or detract from it.

Replayability: Discuss whether the game offers replay value or not and how it encourages players to continue playing.

Pros and cons: Summarize the game's strengths and weaknesses, and offer a balanced critique that highlights both.

Personal experience: Share your personal experience with the game and how it impacted your enjoyment of the game.

Conclusion: End the review with a final verdict and recommendation, based on the game's overall quality and value.

Remember, a good game review should be informative, honest, and objective. It should provide readers with a clear understanding of the game, its strengths and weaknesses, and whether or not it is worth playing.

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Game Review Project News

Our editor Zoe Wilson has just launched a new project to help new up and coming game developers get noticed. Please submit your latest Game on our "Submit a Game Review" button at the top of the page and we will complete an Independent review for you.

If you are looking for some great sporting and game resources, check out the EA Sports website and this great Google group for football supporters to learn more about the game of football / soccer.

Platform Game News

Platform games have been the most popular games ever since video games were created and many of the early games have remained some of the best.

The first games of this type were very limited as graphical content was hard to portray on the systems of old as their capabilities were very limited but this did not take anything away from the enjoyment of the game play. One of the first platform games we remember was Jet Set Willy which was available on the Toshiba MSX computer which dates back to the early eighties. We absolutely loved this game and it has given us hours of entertainment. Out of all the platform games we have reviewed the best one to date is of course Donkey Kong.

We have a wide selection of game review categories from Adventure game reviews, Basketball game reviews and many more.

This game was based on you controlling Donkey Kong through various levels and jumping over barrels and other dangers as you worked your way to the end of the level. This may not sound that interesting when compared to the games of today but we can tell you this was one of the most fun and entertaining games we have ever played.

Some of the most popular games that we have reviewed are mermaids millions, crazy frog racer and of course a wide variety of Football game reviews.

With all these facts we have decided to list below some of the best and most recent platform games on the market and I hope you like them as much as we do.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog Generations
2. Rayman Origins
3. Sonic the Hedgehog Unleashed
4. Donkey Kong Country Returns
5. Tomb Raider Underworld
6. Mirrors Edge
7. Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant
8. Tomb Raider Legend
9. The Simpsons Game
10. Crash of the Titans

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