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The Official UK Games Chart – As voted for by our readers at Game Reviews.

The need to know which games are the ones to watch in the industry is a must for many people as there are now such a huge volume of video games on offer to us of many different genres. This is the reason we have created using our factual data the latest video games charts from both the United Kingdom and worldwide so you know what games are hot and which ones are not.

United Kingdom Top 10 Games

1.  London 2012 Olympics

2.  Lego Batman 2

3.  The Amazing Spiderman

4.  Spec Ops The Line

5.  Dead Island

6.  Elder Scrolls Skyrim

7.  Halo Combat Evolved

8.  FIFA 2012

9.  Ghost Recon Future Soldier

10.  Modern warfare 3

Worldwide Top 10 Games

1.  Lego Batman 2

2.  Spec Ops The Line

3.  The Amazing Spiderman

4.  Modern Warfare 3

5.  Max Payne 3

6.  Ghost Recon Future Soldier

7.  FIFA 2012

8.  Battlefield 3

9.  Elder Scrolls Skyrim

10.  Kinect Adventures

These are the latest and most up to date charts we have created on the best games on offer across the world today as these games have sold the most copies of all the games released this year. Below we have added some more factual data on console sales so you can also see which the most popular consoles available to you are.

Worldwide Console Sales to Date.

Xbox 360  67,160,000 Units

Playstation 3  65,140,000 Units

Nintendo Wii  96,270,000 Units

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