Minecraft Competitions

The team at Game Reviews wants to share our recent facts regarding Minecraft competitions in 2021. Listed below are some of the leading tournament competitions for Minecraft players and developers to review.

National Online Minecraft World Championship Tournament

Lavner Education is hosting a National Online Minecraft World Championship Tournament. The competition is designed to test the ultimate gaming skills of players. In the tournament, players will have to compete against each other in a variety of mini-games including Capture the flag, Spleef, Build Battles, and many more. The National Camp tournament is full of thrilling challenges in which participants not only have a great time playing a variety of games, but also learn different survival and creative skills.

Minecraft World Championship Tournament Screenshot

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How does it work?

To participate in the competition, players will have to enroll themselves through the official website of Lavner Education. Once you successfully registered yourself, you will earn valuable learning opportunities through our online camp lessons, which will help you to learn building skills, teamwork skills, and collaboration. This competition provides a great opportunity for kids to test their gaming skills and learn ultimate building skills.

UMG Minecraft Monday’s weekly tournaments

Minecraft Monday is a weekly tournament which is hosted by UMG and YouTuber Daniel Keemstar. They organize one of the most popular competitive Minecraft tournaments in the gaming industry which is followed by millions of fans across the world. The most interesting thing about this tournament is that you see high profile gamers and celebrities competing in the tournament. Minecraft Monday tournament has gained so much popularity because of its format and appearance of top gamers in the tournament.

Minecraft Monday Image

How does it work?

Each team in the competition can have a maximum of two players, and multiple teams compete against each other in the tournament. They have to participate in multiple Minecraft game modes, including Hunger Games, Spleef, Build Battle, BedWars, etc. The tournament is designed for professional gamers and celebrities, who compete against each other to be crowned champion. These professional gamers and celebrities make the tournament more entertaining, and attract millions of viewers from around the world.

UMG also hosts the live streaming of the tournament on Twitch, and Fans around the world can watch all of the live action from the official UMG Twitch channel. Although there are all the teams of celebrity gamers who compete in the tournament, other players from the Minecraft Monday server can also participate in the tournament by paying for rank on the server.  Paying for rank can provide you many benefits including a chance to compete against some of the famous YouTube and Twitch gaming stars.

The allotment of score during the competition is very interesting, if one team eliminates another team then it will earn +10 score. If a team gets eliminated then all other surviving teams will get +2 scores. For each mini-game, the winner team gets +30 scores, top two teams get +20 scores, and top three teams earn +10 scores. If both players are alive then all scores are equally divided into both members of the teams, otherwise the score is awarded to the surviving member of the team.

The winner of the tournament gets an amazing prize of $10,000.

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