The Game Review team have compiled the Top 10 Games available on the following Consoles:

Playstation Top 10 Games

1. FIFA 2012

2. Gran Turismo 5

3. Tomb Raider Trilogy HD

4. Need for Speed The Run

5. Football Manager 2012

6. FIFA Street

7. Championship Manager 2012

8. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

9. Driver San Francisco

10. Dirt 3

Xbox Top 10 Games

1. Call of Duty

2. Need for Speed The Run

3. Gran Turismo 5

4. FIFA Street

5. Driver San Francisco

6. Football Manager 2012

7. Formula 1 2011

8. Dirt 3

9. FIFA 2011

10. Forza Motorsport 4

Nintendo Wii Top 10 Games

1. FIFA 2012

2.  Wii Sports

3. Mario Cart

4. Super Mario Galaxy

5. Car Toons

6. Ghost squad

7. 007 Goldeneye

8. PDC World Championships

9. NHL 2K12

10. Virtua Tennis 4

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  1. zoe says:

    The Top Games for 2013 are currently being reviewed, we will be testing the BETA games from our netowrk of Game Providers over the next few weeks. The new game release dates have already been published for all of our readers to review.

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