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The Game Review team have compiled a List of the Top Mobile Games available on the following Mobile Devices:

Top Mobile Games – In recent years we have seen a huge rise in the popularity of mobile games within the gaming world and this is mainly due to the fact that mobile phone technologies have improved so much that many before to complex games can now be enabled for these devices. Due to this fact the mobile games industry has become one of the most profitable industries around as there are hardly any costs of course apart from the development cost to these games.

Once they are developed they will then generate a huge profit due to these low operating costs. With this in mind you will see that many of these games cost a lot less than their counterparts on gaming consoles and you can generally pick up these games for between £1.50 and £5.00. As there are so many of these games we here at Game Reviews have decided to list the top ten games that are the most popular within the mobile device category in the hope that you will be able to enjoy them to.

Top 10 IPhone Games

1. Temple Run

2. Jetpack Joyride

3. Zombie Farm

4. Ski Neon

5. Men In Black 3

6. F.I.F.A 12

7. Infinity Control

8. Balls Breaker

9. Jungle war

10. Dungeon Crawlers

Top 10 Blackberry Games

1. Rope Rescue

2. Sudoku Supreme

3. Rocking Bunny

4. Chromasphere

5. Runaway Trains

6. Need For Speed Underground

7. Galaxy Protector

8. Sleepy Hollow Begins

9. Revolver

10. Snow Bomber

The games above are some of the most played and popular games we have reviewed over the past couple of months and we have received great comments back about them from the gamers we surveyed. We hope that you will find these games interesting and that they will provide you with a great source of entertainment and fun along the way.

Other Great Games have been added below:

Mario and Sonic Olympic Winter Games

Mario and Sonic Olympics 2012

Vancouver 2010

NBA Unrivaled

NBA 2K11

Mini Golf Adventures

Tiger Woods 2012

Tiger Woods 2013

Ashes 2009

Dance Masters

Dance Dance Revolution 2

EA Sports Active 2

Get Fit With Mel B

Your Shape Fitness Evolved

We will be continuing to update these games each month with all new and fresh games so keep your eyes peeled on our webpage. Please take a look at our  Slideshare profile page, we also have a Pinterest profile to review the latest games images.

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