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It is always very beneficial for gamers to know the release dates of the games which they are interested in so they can prepare themselves for them when they are finally released. This is the reason we have created a dedicated Game News resource so we could provide you with as many release dates of games planned for next year and we have listed these below for your information.

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Devil May Cry Game –  Developer Capcom – Release Date – 15/01/2013

The Witch and the Hundred Knights Game – Developer  Nippon Ichi Software – Release Date –01/02/2013

Crysis 3 Game – Developer Electronic Arts – Release Date – 12/03/2013

Command & Conquer Generals 2 Game – Developer Bioware   Release Date – 21/03/2013

Company of Heroes 2  Game – Developer THQ  –  Release Date – 07/04/2013

Devils Third  Game –  Developer Valhalla Game Studio – Release Date – 19/04/2013

Dragons Crown Game – Developer Atlus Games  – Release Date – 27/05/2013

Homefront 2 Game – Developer Crytek UK – Release Date – 17/06/2013

Metro Last Night Game – Developer 4A Games – Release Date – 24/07/2013

SimCity Game – Developer Maxis  – Release Date – 13/08/2013

Rainbow Six Patriots Game – Developer Red Storm Entertainment – Release Date – 29/08/2013

XCOM  Game – Developer 2K Marin   Release Date – 11/09/2013

Blizzard All-Stars Game – Developer Blizzard Entertainment – Release Date – 22/09/2013

Doom 4 Game – Developer ZeniMax Media – Release Date – 03/10/2013

Grand Theft Auto 5 Game – Developer Rockstar Games – Release Date – 26/10/2013

The Last of Us Game – Developer Naughty Dog  – Release Date – 13/11/2013

Overstrike Game – Developer Insomniac Games  – Release Date – 21/11/2013

Rayman Legends Game – Developer Ubisoft   – Release Date – 06/12/2013

Warriors Lair Game – Developer Idol Minds Digital  – Release Date – 19/12/2013

Upcoming Playstation Games News

There are now more games released for the Playstation 3 than ever before due to this gaming console being one of the most popular on the market today which provides a great deal of entertainment and fun to its users. In this article we have chosen to review some of the most highly anticipated games releases of the year so that you would have a much better understanding of what to expect from these extremely hot games releases.

The first game we would like to talk about as it is the latest edition of one of the most successful video games of all time is the Grand Theft Auto V game which continues from where the previous edition finishes off. Once again gamers will find themselves engaged in the mayhem that surrounds Liberty City as you lead your favourite character through many complex and dangerous missions on the way to destroying the evil mod boss kingpin who runs the city. This game offers so much more than previous editions as it takes a bold new direction from the previous game with a much higher detail of story telling as well as many all new mission based challenges as well as a completely innovative online multi player experience.

The game features a whole new variety of weaponry and vehicles for gamers to make use of as well as many all new facilities such as attack speedboat battles and the ability to fly and wide range of air vehicles. Players will need to do their very best to complete a huge number of missions which will involve bank robberies, mob hits and car crimes. Whilst doing this gamers will need to use all their skill and know how to avoid detection by the police and task forces assigned to catch you which can be very challenging indeed.

The graphics on the game are extremely good as you would expect from Rockstar Games and are some of the most highly detailed we have ever seen in a game from this series. Where this game excels more than anything else is in the way of game play as it is extremely smooth running and easy to pick up for even the most novice gamer who has never tried this series before and this is why we rate it so highly.

Other Game News:

The next upcoming game we just had to include in our Game News resource is the all new and revolutionary F.I.F.A 13 from Ea Sports. Due to the huge success of the revamped FIFA 12 game last year which had been totally revamped this all new edition of the game is one of the most highly anticipated sports based games of the year so far.

After many hours reviewing this game we have to say that if you liked last years game then you will be dribbling when you first see what is in store for you’re in the 2013 edition. The game improves on its predecessor in many ways such as the graphics as these are simply superb in every way and offers one of the most realistic and detailed football game experiences you will find anywhere. The players look so life like it really does feel like you are watching a real football match on television and with the stadiums being more realistic than ever this game is sure to be a huge hit. Check out the official creative commons license here.

In regards of game play again this game has excelled as you would not have thought possible as it is totally flawless from start to finish. Usually you expect the odd glitch here and there but there is actually none that we noticed in over one hundred hours of game play which is amazing. The game features all the latest player and club data including all the latest transfers and features many different types of game mode. You can participate in leagues of all countries, national and club tournaments as well as the innovative ultimate team feature. This game is definitely the very best football game we have ever reviewed and cannot recommend both of these games listed above to you as they are immense.

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1. Capcom

2. Nippon

3. EA Games

4. Bioware

5. THQ

6. Valhalla Game Studios

7. Atlus Games

8. Crytek UK

9. 4A Games

10. Maxis

11. Red Storm Entertainment

12. 2K Marin

13. Blizzard Entertainment

14. ZeniMax Media

15. Rockstar Games

16. Naughty Dog

17. Insomniac Games

18. Ubisoft

19. Idol Minds Digital
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