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The Game Reviews Events for 2012 – 2013 will be published here for our online readers and subscribers to review. The team at Game Reviews UK offer all of our game resources free of charge, with a 100% independent and honest approach, this ensures our quality standards and game reviews are as authentic as possible.

Whilst we work closely with over 100 Game developers, we ensure this relationship is not compromised when it comes to publishing and reviewing the respective games. We ensure our game reviews are both honest and as comprehensive as possible, so that gamers around the world can trust our individual console and pc game reviews.

This years Gaming Discussions and Events have been duly added below, we sincerly hope as many of our readers attend, as this will ensure a great event take place. We will also be adding the Game Developer attendee details as and when they are confirmed.

Summary of the event:

Game Reviews UK delivers a free game development discussion each month, the event is free to attend, and covers the following areas:

1. New Console Games Launched

2. The typs of Game hardware available.

3. New Online Game Tournaments

4. Trends in gaming

5. Customer reviews on the latest games.

6. An open forum on what gamers enjoy.

7. Customer feedback on Game providers customer service.

8. Testing of the latest PS3 and Xbox games.

9. Discussing online games security

10. Reviewing graphics and sounds of mixed genre games

We hope to offer more comprehensive gaming events for 2013, such as head to head competitions and recruitment related events for those of you that would like to join the Game Reviews Team. Our profilepage on event brite can be found here: Game Reviews Event Brite Page

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