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The Ipad has become one of the worlds most popular pieces of technology ever since it was released a couple of years back and now generates a huge amount of revenue for the makers of it which of course are Apple. The Ipad has become a great tool for mobile gaming since its release and there are now more of these games available to you than ever before which can only be looked upon as simply fantastic for the gamer. With this in mind we have decided to review the Ipad Games available for you the top ten Ipad games on the market today so that you can now sit back and enjoy them as much as we have.

The Latest Ipad Game Reviews are as follows:

1. Aurora Feint 3 is the first game we would like to recommend as it is a highly entertaining puzzle based game that will be sure to have you captivated and glued to the screen for hours at a time. The game requires players to line up and match various symbols as they attempt to continue as long as they can before the wall builds up and reaches the top which causes the end of the game.

2. Bub Wider Ipad Game is a truly brilliant game that is based and set out like a general arcade game of old and is very addictive to say the least. Players will be required to tilt their Ipad in an attempt to guide various bubbles across the forests before they are snatched by the many enemies within the game.

3. Checkers Free HD is one of the best games I have ever played for the Ipad and it will be sure to provide you with a great source of fun and entertainment. The game follows suit to the original and extremely popular checkers game that has been around for many years and offers the gamer many various levels of difficulty to participate in.

4. Cliffed Norms World XL is one of the best Ipad games I have ever had the pleasure to play as it takes me back to when I was a child due to it being set out like a platform game of old. Players will need to negotiate various cliff edges as they attempt to evade the rising floor level but be warned once it catches up to you then it is game over and it can be harder than you can imagine.

5.  Air Hockey Gold sees the return of one of the worlds most popular arcade classics which of course is air hockey. The game sees players pitted against each other in a battle to score as many goals with the hockey puck as possible. The game is more fun than I ever imagined and it acted to keep us highly entertained for hours on end.

6. Compression HD sees players entrusted with the ultimate garbage compactor that is just like the one in star wars. Players must attempt to arrange the various blocks within this compactor before the walls close in and crush you. This is a very addictive and fun game that offers you one of the most trying puzzle based games of all time.

7. Dizzypad HD is a very simple but truly brilliant game that requires players to use a single finger to control the frog as he attempts to cross the water on lily pads. Players will be required to fine tune their timing to land on these pads or they will soon find themselves at the bottom of the lake.

8. Escape Norms World XL requires players to use their fingers to swipe their character across various circles which have a tendency to disappear. This game requires a huge amount of skill and nerve and is highly entertaining and we are sure you will not find a better game of this type anywhere.

9. Godfinger All Stars IPAD Game is a remarkable game available for the Ipad that sees players attempting to keep control of many moving objects. The game is highly addictive and takes a huge amount of concentration and we would definitely without a doubt recommend it to fans of platform and puzzle based games.

10.  Harbour Master HD is one of the most exciting games I have played in recent years and is a line based drawing game which requires great skill and composure. Players must ensure that boats within the harbour do not cross each others paths and crash which may seem like an easy plot at first but once you begin you will realize just how much this is not true.

These wonderful Ipad games will be sure to keep you highly entertained and we only hope that you have the chance to enjoy them as much as we have. These games are generally available from the ITunes store and can be found by searching their names. There are other fantastic Games on the Google Play website, they are simple to locate and download where required. In addition Google Play has Music, Books and much more available for all types of mobile devices.


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