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We have always loved the majority of historical strategy games especially the ones involving Vikings so we had great hopes for the all new Crusader Kings game from Paradox Interactive. You will be glad to hear that our hopes were made true with this game as we found it to be outstanding in every way possible from its innovative story line to its cutting edge graphics.

Players are treated to one of the most exciting adventures to date as they are thrust into the middle of turmoil as Europe is under attack from the Scandinavian forces from the north. This has had the effect of making the pope declare all out war on the Vikings and what follows is one of the most bloodthirsty battles you will ever see in any game. Players will need to lead their forces to many battle locations and them protect their territory from these invading forces by using all of their military skills and weaponry.

All of the scenery in the game is complimented by stunning visuals which really do offer the very best and realistic settings you could wish for. In summary this game is remarkable to say the least and definitely worth every penny if strategy based games are your thing and we are sure you will fully enjoy this game for many hours at a time.

The Price for this game is Rated as Standard for this type of game.

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We have compiled a Review System for this, of which Crusader Kings is Rated as Four Stars, the second highest possible score from the Game Reviews Team.

Crusader Kings

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