Elder Scrolls Shivering Isles

Elder Scrolls Shivering Isles Game Review:

Elder Scrolls Shivering Isles is one of the most captivating games in the series and had me enthralled for days on end as I attempted to complete it which was much more difficult than I had ever thought it would be. The game has great graphics but the actual game play is a touch disappointing but the rest of the aspects make up for this just fine. Good game all round.

The Price for this game is Rated as Standard for this type of game.

The game is available on the following Platforms:

Computer / PC / Laptop

We have also compiled a Review System for this, of which Elder Scrolls Shivering Isles is Rated as Three Stars, the third highest possible score available from the Game Review Team.

Elder Scrolls Shivering Isles

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The Website address for Elder Scrolls Shivering Isles is: http://www.2kgames.com/shiveringisles

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