The Secret World

The Secret World Game Review

The Secret World is the latest game from Funcom who have had huge success with many of their games so we had great aspirations for this game when we were first told of its release. Secret World is another adventure game that has had the affect of completely revolutionizing the way we look at this genre of game as many of its concepts offer so much more than other games we have reviewed over the past few years.

The game itself allows gamers to navigate many different fictional locations and fight battle against invaders and soldiers of the evil ruler who dominates the land. What we found about this game was that the story line is so in depth that it takes on a life of its own and offers so much for the gamer to get involved in from solving puzzles to tomb robbing. The graphics in the game offer a 3D view of the worlds within the game and are very innovative with many aspects that we had never seen before. Where this game comes into its own though is with its game play as it is highly addictive and great fun to play no matter which level of game you choose to play.

The campaign is like nothing we have seen before and with the online multi player feature the possibilities are truly endless with this game and this is why we rate The Secret World so highly.

The Secret World

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We have compiled a Review System for this, of which The Secret World is Rated as Three Stars, The third highest possible from the Game Review Team.

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