Zumas Revenge

Zuma`s Revenge Game Review

This all new game from Pop Cap Games takes the platform game genre to all new heights as it offers one of the most comprehensive and exciting gaming experience we have come across in a game of this genre. Players will be tasked with completing limitless levels where they must attempt to match up as many coloured balls as possible to eliminate them from the board and stop your character getting crushed by them. This game is much alike the extremely successful puzzle bobble series of games but improves on these considerably in almost every way.

Zumas Revenge is highly addictive and if you loved games such as tetris then we are sure you will take this to your hearts straight away. The game has very good 3D graphics which really do make the game much more realistic and enjoyable and this coupled with the innovative and fun game play makes this one of our favourite platform based games we have ever seen so far.

Zuma's Revenge

The Price for this game is Rated as Standard for this type of game.

The game is available for the following platforms:

Xbox 360


We have compiled a review system, of which Zumas Revenge is Rated as Four Stars, The second highest possible from the Game Reviews Team.

The Website address of Pop Cap Games is: http://www.popcap.com

The Website address of Zuma`s revenge is: http://www.popcap.com/games/zumas-revenge/pc

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