Wreckateer Game Review

This all new game from the inspirational team at Iron Galaxy Developments takes the discipline ofm the platform game to whole new levels as it offers one of the most unique gaming experiences we have seen to date and to be quite honest we were absolutely mesmorized by this title from the word go it was that good. Wreckateer Players are unleashed into a medieval world where they must lead their heroes into battle against many evil tyrants who are holding the land and its people to ransom for basic living supplies such as food and water. The aim of the game is to destory these overlords by eliminating as many of them as possible as you wipe the land clean of their dominating rule.

Players are treated to some of the best and most smooth running graphics we have seen in a game of this type which is completely exhilarating and provides great fun and entertainment to whoever plays it. The game play again is sensational and this along with all other aspects of the game is why we rate it so highly.


The Price for this game is Rated as standard for this type of game.

The game is available for the following platforms:

Xbox 360

Playstation 3

We have compiled a review system, of which Wreckateer is Rated as Four Stars, The second highest possible from the Game Reviews Team.

The Website address for Iron Galaxy Studios is: http://irongalaxystudios.com/

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