Monster Hunter 4

Monster Hunter 4 Game Review

It has been a long time since the Game Reviews team have played a beast of a game like this and we have to say Monster Hunter 4 delivered in every way possible whilst we were reviewing it. The game which available for the Nintendo DS is an action based adventure game that provides great entertainment and quality throughout and is one of the best we have seen for this platform.

The basics of the game are you find yourself on a distant planet where you must help the inhabitants hunt down and destroy the evil hordes of monsters that have been terrorizing them. The games levels are very well created and contain lots of detail with dragons and other monsters being designed beautifully to give the most realistic feel to the game. The graphics are some of the best we have seen for the DS as many games lack in this area due to the capabilities of the console but this game has pushed new boundaries as they really are brilliant.

The team at Game Reviews found the game play to be quite addictive and we enjoyed all the time we spent playing the game so it gets a thumbs up from us.

The Price for this game is Rated as Standard for this type of game.

The game is available on the following platforms:

Nintendo DS

We have complied a Review System for this, of which Monster Hunter 4 is Rated as Five Stars, the highest possible score from the Game Reviews Team.

Monster Hunter 4

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