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Star Splitter 3D Game Review

We have just reviewed the all new Mobile App game Star Splitter 3D and we are glad we did. This fantastic Outer Space game offers an Out Of This World gaming experience, with remarkable 3D Graphics on offer. The developers of this game have clearly invested a lot of quality time and effort in creating one of the best Sci Fi games we have had the pleasure of reviewing in 2012.

The game offers the ability to build your very own Space Ship with an array of additional options to upgrade the weaponry elements for you space craft. The attention to detail really is impressive, most especially for a mobile game, ensuring a really enjoyable gaming experience. There are 60 Individual missions on offer within the Star Splitter 3D Game, ensuring a really good challenge to all players. The game is also available Free, so it is highly recommended by all our Team to download immediately, in order to experience probably one of the finest Sci Fi games on offer to mobile gamers.

The array of weapons is very impressive, with Fire Lasers, Rockets and much more to enjoy within this Space game, with great game play especially when fighting against Aliens and taking over there planets.

The Price for this game is Free

The game is available on the following Platforms:

iOS – Mobile Apps on Itunes –

The Download page for this great game is here: Star Splitter 3D Itunes App

We have also compiled a Review System for this, of which Star Splitter 3D is Rated as Five Stars, which is an excellent score from the Game Review Team.

Star Splitter 3D Game

The Website address of Star Splitter game devleopers is:


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